Holman Ezy Grip 2 Hour Mechanical Irrigation Tap Timer


Semi-automate irrigation for your Wallgarden installation

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The Holman Outlet Mechanical Tap Timer fits to a standard garden tap and times the water flow to any garden hose or watering system connected. This timer allows you to have one individually timed outlet, as well as having unattended watering for a time less than 2 hours. Simply connect your hose or poly pipe irrigation system to the outlet.
The Selection Dial can be turned to any other position during a run time. Use to either increase or decrease the programmed time, or to change to a manual setting or to turn the timer off.
A mechanical tap timer is an easy way to semi-automate the watering of your Wallgarden installation, especially if you’ve purchased a Deluxe Wall Mount Kit from GetPlanters with the irrigation add-on.  Leave a hose connected to your irrigation system and just turn the timer to 15 minutes whenever you want to start watering.  We recommend watering every day for the best results.  In very dry weather or if watering has been missed, you may want to increase the duration of the watering.



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